Thursday, September 28, 2006

Nick's graduation

Nick's graduation was on Tuesday. I dropped him off in town early to do the processional walk and then zoomed off home to grab a shower and throw half my wardrobe on the floor. It's hard not to feel underdressed next to someone weraing a $1000 suit and regalia :) He looked fantastic. We went out to lunch and then managed to track his parents down amidst the milling throng filling Aotea Square. The ceremony, like most graduation ceremonies, was long and meant clapping far too much (it gets kind of uncomfortable after an hour). It was so awesome to see him up on stage. Congratulations babe :)

We killed time before dinner seeing John Tucker Must Die - go see it as a Tuesday afternoon comedy filler; it's silly and generic but very funny. Don't pay weekend prices for it though!

His parents took his family [and me] out to dinner at Mikano's. It's a bizarre contrast; it's this hugely expensive restaurant that aimed to be situated down by the waterfront, and it is, sort of, but it's effectively in the cargo docks with the police helicopters and launches down below it as well (which was kind of cool as we got to see the 'copter take off). It's one of the highly reccommended restaurants in the Entertainment Guide but not somewhere we'd have gone by ourselves. The entrees alone were around $20~! It was kind of intimidating looking at the menu... It was a lovely place though, fantastic food and great wine, and I really like his family. It was a good night :)


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