Thursday, September 28, 2006

Say it ain't so Jackson!!

The rumours that Peter Jackson's next film was going to be on Halo have been floating around since King Kong finished production. We'd hoped that it was just a cruel rumour, that he wouldn't really sell out his creative genius to create something on a level with DOOM (which was funny but most definitely laughable b-grade) but it seems that the evil rumours were true...

Director Jackson signs Xbox deal
By Darren Waters Technology editor, BBC News website, Barcelona

King Kong director Peter Jackson has agreed a deal with Microsoft to create what he describes as a "new form of interactive entertainment".
The Oscar-winning film-maker said he would be creating a series based on the Halo video game franchise.
"Technology is at a point where we can blend a lot of film storytelling with interactive entertainment," he said.
The series will appear on the Xbox 360 games console and Xbox Live, the machine's online service.
Mr Jackson, who is also producing a movie based on Halo, said the series would not be for hard core gamers.
The surprise announcement was made at the X06 event in Barcelona, at which Microsoft unveiled its line-up of games for the coming 12 months.
Xbox boss Peter Moore also unveiled a HD-DVD, high definition player, for the console, which will be released in Europe in mid November, costing 199 euros (£129).
"We are right on the threshold of a new way of telling stories," said Mr Jackson.
But he admitted his team was at the start of the process and still had to "work out how to do it".
Mr Jackson, who also directed the Lord of the Rings trilogy, will set up an interactive arm of his firm, Wingnut, and will work with Halo creators Bungie Studios to develop the series.
Microsoft also unveiled a further Halo spin-off, called Halo Wars, a real time strategy game based on the popular franchise to be made by Ensemble Studios.


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