Thursday, September 28, 2006

Soccer and more car thefts

Red team one the top division last round and the prize money took all of the teams out for dinner with more pub food then we actually managed to get through! We moseyed on down to the Y and watched the first team play before heading down to the court for ours. We won again and won our division [C grade]!!! It's fantastic how much the team has improved and we're all in again for the next round. One of the teams had their opposition default so we got to play again :) I even got to play goalkeep for the first time since it was just a friendly match. I wasn't as good as the boys but I didn't suck too badly, I managed to stop more than half of them :P

But then we went outside and discovered that eight of the cars had been smashed into and searched. All sorts of stuff had been taken, thankfully we'd returned Nick's dad's golfclubs to him earlier that afternoon; his grandma's ring, which he'd just discovered in the car a few hours earlier, got taken though, rat bastards. The main police station is just down the rad and we ended up there with another couple to lay a report. I doubt they'll do much though, just add it to the statistics. Which means that the car window has to be replaced, expensive, and now we're faced with the problem of where to park...


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