Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Yay! I won a grant through the Auckland University Access Awards so that plus the Elizabeth Mary Phillips Schol. (thank you to both decision boards) means that my fees are paid for this year :) My political media minor is already completed so all I have left to do is Adolescent Fiction, Medieval Arthurian Narratives and Nazi Germany in second semester. Then, after seven years of sickness, hospitals, working, showing up at 9am classes after working 10pm-8am, studying part-time and cramming in classes during the years when I wasn't working full-time - my BA will finally be finished! It will also mean next to nothing to employers since I already have a ton of good work experience but it will mean a huge amount to me. It also means that I can finally move on to do BA Hons. & MA (once I've settled on a thesis topic) and do my teaching diploma. I imagine getting the next three certificates will be interspersed with more work & travel but hopefully I'll have all three by the time I'm 30 and that's not doing so bad. Here's to getting to wear the black cape & pink hood next year (at least I think it's pink for BA) and getting to buy one of those cute AU Graduation bears.

[On a side note, they sell Paddington Bear at Paddington Station here; so have to remember to pick one up before I go].


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